Celebrating Success: Our Mommy Pots Make Amazon Handmade's Top 5

Welcome to another entry in our "Artful Adventures" blog! Today, we're overjoyed to share some fantastic news that truly marks a milestone for our little pottery shop. Our beloved Mommy Pots have not only been featured on Amazon, but they've also clinched all 4 top spots on the Amazon Handmade list of best selling vases! They are #1, #2, #3 and #4! 

A Humble Beginning

Our journey began with the simplest of family traditions. My twins would compete to see who could pick the most dandelions for me. Those small, sunny flowers needed a display that could capture the essence of their efforts. Thus, the Mommy Pot was born—a vessel that not only honored their bouquets but also served as a daily reminder of their childhood.

Inspired by my boys' floral adventures, I began crafting "Mommy Pots" so other moms could share the joy. These aren't just any vases; they're a canvas for childhood memories, designed to make every little flower look monumental. This craft turned into a special ritual in our family, transforming roadside weeds into treasures.

Leslie and her son making mommy pots on the potter's wheel
Leslie making mommy pots while her son assists in 2012.

Beyond a Vase

As time went by, the use of Mommy Pots evolved with our family's needs. What began as vessels for showcasing dandelions found new purpose as quaint repositories for toothpicks, and eventually, as versatile keepsakes for storing precious mementos like baby teeth and locks of hair. Recognizing the versatility and emotional value of these pots, we introduced versions with cork stoppers, perfect for safeguarding cherished memories.

Custom Creations and Personal Touches

Our journey didn't stop at functionality. We embraced personalization, creating custom-lettered Mommy Pots that resonate with personal stories and memories. Each pot is sold with a poem I wrote, inspired by those early days of flower picking with my boys. This poem has touched the hearts of many parents, reminding them of the fleeting, yet golden moments of childhood.

Celebrated on Amazon Handmade

Our success on Amazon Handmade is a testament to the love and care we put into each Mommy Pot. It's an honor to see that what started as a personal project resonated so deeply with others across the country.

Explore our range on our website, perfect for any occasion that calls for a thoughtful, personalized gift. These pots are not just pottery—they're keepers of memories, celebrating the simple joys of parenting and the bonds that last a lifetime.

We're incredibly grateful for your support and thrilled that our pots have touched so many lives. We invite you to explore these pots on our website and consider them as thoughtful gifts for upcoming occasions like Mother's Day, baby showers, or just as a special gift for a new mom. Each pot not only holds flowers or mementos but also encapsulates the essence of family and the beauty of simple, everyday moments. Here's to many more adventures together, with our pots accompanying your family's precious moments!

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