My Story

Fresh from the Kiln

Growing up in the picturesque Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, I first discovered my love for clay in a pottery class I took in Jr. High School. We learned basic hand building techniques like slab and coil work, and it was enough to plant a seed. In high school, I lost my mother to cancer. Shortly after, I had my first encounter with a pottery wheel and from that moment on, I was hooked. It was like therapy! I spent every day practicing and honing my skills in the school's ceramics room. Very quickly, working with clay had become my passion and I knew without a doubt that I wanted to be a potter.

But the path to becoming a professional potter was not clear. There was no set rule or recipe for success. So, with determination and perseverance, I called every place in the Pocono Mountain's phone book that mentioned the word "pottery", seeking work and a place to learn. By a stroke of luck, I found a studio that needed my help and began my journey as a potter's apprentice. The Mud Place was born from a dream that grew in my heart long before I even knew I wanted to run a business. It started as a late-night conversation back in Pennsylvania where I said something like "I think I might get a potter's wheel - just for fun".

As I've developed into a professional artist over the last 20+ years, the events of my life have manifested in my work in amazing ways. I remember as a young girl seeing my mother sew, knit and crochet clothing for our family. Though

Throwing Pots on the Potter's Wheel

I lost my mother at a young age, the care and love she put into making things for our family remains strongly imprinted in my heart. My love of crafting, inventing and experience as a twin mom, have all influenced my work. I've learned to be practical and resourceful in my designs. From crochet and knitting to painting and sewing, my first-hand knowledge with many art and craft mediums allows me to provide tremendous value with insightful and innovative designs. Whether it's a tool or a place to store tools, my pottery is practical, hardworking, and well-made. With a patent on my charming Sewing Station design and a constant drive to improve my craft, I have found a love in creating functional designs that are truly soulful. When I form a sewing station or yarn bowl on my potter’s wheel and hand-finish the details, there is some of mine and my mother’s love in there. 

Now, from my studio in Melbourne, Florida, I design and produce the unique pottery you see on this site and several others. For the first time ever, my work is available in my own pop-up shop in the heart of Brevard County on the beautiful Space Coast of Florida. The shop is small and sweet, right in my connecting studio. See my events page for my shop schedule. Hope I'll see you there soon! While it isn't all just playing in the mud, I truly love my job.