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Gary the Crab Petite Spoon Rest in White

Gary the Crab Petite Spoon Rest in White

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Add some coastal charm to your kitchen countertop with Gary, the crab-shaped spoon rest that's sure to make you smile. He's a petite, handcrafted crab-shaped spoon rest, perfect for adding a dash of whimsy to your coffee bar. We found Gary hanging out in the cutlery drawer with the spoons, trying to blend in. We said, "Nice try, Gary!" and the name just stuck.

Gary's intricately patterned shell and adorable pincers will brighten up your daily routine. He's designed to hold one or two standard kitchen teaspoons (as shown), or you can nestle a single smaller serving spoon – a great space-saver for cozy homes!

Just like real crabs on the beach, each of Gary's textured shells is unique, ensuring that your spoon rest is genuinely one-of-a-kind. Plus, Gary is microwave and dishwasher safe, so he's a breeze to clean and use every day.

Place him next to your coffee maker, and let Gary infuse your morning with a splash of color and cheer. Legend has it that Gary was once spotted making sandcastles in your sugar bowl. Order Gary today and add the perfect touch to your beverage station decor!

Key Features:
- Petite Size
- Dishwasher Safe
- Handcrafted in the USA
- Adorable Crab Design
- Durable Ceramic

Please note that this listing is for one crab-shaped mini spoon rest in our Coastal white glaze and may not be identical to the item shown. Each piece is handcrafted and unique, with slight variations in form and color that make it one-of-a-kind.

Approximate Measurements: About 4 3/8" wide (pincher to pincher), 3.5" long, and standing approximately 0.5" to 1" tall.

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