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Maple Leaf Handmade Ceramic Spoon Rest, Rustic Nature Kitchen Decor Style for Countertop

Maple Leaf Handmade Ceramic Spoon Rest, Rustic Nature Kitchen Decor Style for Countertop

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Bring a taste of nature into your kitchen with the Rustic Maple Leaf-Shaped Spoon Rest. Beautifully pottery handmade in Melbourne, FL USA, this unique spoon rest is perfect for home cooks, chefs, foodies and even nature enthusiasts! It fits gorgeously on kitchen countertops, coffee stations or even office breakroom counters. With variations in size and color, you can find your perfect match, whether you need a rest for large cooking spoons or just a tiny teaspoon. And wouldn't it be a perfect housewarming gift or a special little something for a Canadian-themed décor collector?

• Handcrafted from Hazelnut brown stoneware clay and ceramic glaze, its rustic style enhances any kitchen décor.

• Available in two sizes: Large (Approx: 7" W x 6.5" D, 0.5"-0.75" H) perfect for full-sized cooking spoons; Mini (Approx: 4" W x 3.5" D, 0.5"-0.75" H) teaspoon rest ideal for coffee bars and smaller spaces.

• Comes in four primary rustic colors: Green, Farmhouse White, Rust, and Rustic Cream to match your personal style.

• Each spoon rest is unique – just like a real leaf, every piece has its own set of veins, ridges, color and shape.

• Dishwasher safe, relieving you from the chore of hand washing.

Just like a leaf falls right where it needs to be, our Maple Leaf-Shaped Spoon Rest will find its perfect spot in your home, adding a dose of warmth and nature. Imagining cooking up your favorite recipe, and this quaint piece of art is there to rest your stirring spoon. It's yours to use daily, or as a conversation piece at a Thanksgiving or housewarming party. Safe, easy to clean, and earthy-chic, this small addition to your kitchen will make a big difference in style and function. Let's make cooking more enjoyable with a rustic touch from nature!

Approximate Measurements: 7" W x 6.5" D and stand about 0.5"-0.75" inch tall.

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