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Miniature Pottery Vase for Dandelion Flowers in White

Miniature Pottery Vase for Dandelion Flowers in White

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Introducing the perfect gift for mom, expecting moms and those looking for a unique and special find!

These miniature pottery vases (smaller than a bud vase) are intended to hold the tiny road-side flowers picked by children. Children don’t always manage to pluck them with the stem intact, so they don’t fit into a traditional bud vase. If you have ever been the recipient of a dandelion bouquet with tiny stems like the ones my twins used to make me, this wee flower vase is for you! Children always want their toil in flower picking noticed, and these little pots are the perfect way to display those tiny treasures. Even a simple dandelion will look great and be something special. There is no age limit for the delight of picking roadside flowers.

This handmade pot in the white finish comes with a poem card that tells the Mommy Pot story. The item you will receive is not the exact item shown. These are handmade and slight variations in color and form will make the piece you receive unique. This is on hand and ready to ship.

Key Features:

Miniature size for Tiny Flowers
Multiple Uses
Giftable Original Mommy Poem Card Included
Handmade in the USA
Unique Handmade Gift

Pots range in size from 1.5-2.5 inches tall.

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